Carol and Jennifer's Great Arkansas Adventure

Carol and I, the two motherís-to-be, decided to take a girls road trip/camping trip over Spring Break in March, 2005.
After lots of fun researching, we decided on
Albert Pike Recreation Area in Ouachita National Forest.


Hereís our campsite.



Like all good camp trips, there was plenty of


(baggie omelets for breakfast)



and merriment...



Carol likes to take pictures. Lots and lots of pictures...

Did I mention Carol is an artist? Here's some of her work at
Wally Workman Gallery.


But we didn't just imbibe and make gluttons of ourselves...

Day One
We hiked the northeast section of Eagle Rock Loop to Little Missouri Falls


Fortunately, my car's waited until we made it back to camp to get a flat

(Notice, I'm taking all the pictures. Carol was so excited to change a flat, I felt obligated to let her have all the fun.)


Day Two
We hiked more of Eagle Rock further south to Winding Stairs.
This day was especially exciting because of the many creeks we had to ford


Day Three
We saved the strenuous hike for the last day - up to Eagle Rock Vista


The biggest highlight of the trip was the campfires! Neither of us had ever built our own,
so we took turns, twice a day. Great fun! Most of our pictures were of the campfires.


And this is who Carol came home to...

                                                                Jacob Wayne Marine born April 2, 2005

09/22/2005 by Jennifer Scoggins